Portrait Work

Professional Headshot Special

30 minute in studio mini-session:

  • 5 processed digital photos

  • dark or light backdrop choice

  • delivered by WeTransfer in 5 days


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Beth Wong/Miriam Fernandes - Theatre
Cottage Candid
Portrait Image
Portrait Image
Henry Candid 3
Henry Play Headshots 4
Henry Play Headshots 5
Henry Play Headshots 6
Henry Play Headshots 7
Kael Reid - Musician


Chris Fischer - Musician
Chris Fischer - Musician
GLT Headshot 1
GLT Headshot 4
Henry Play Headshots 1
Henry Play Headshots 3
Henry Play Headshots 2
Lusterfield 4
Carrie DeMaeyer
Kael Reid - Musician
Kael Reid - Musician
Portrait Image
Portrait Image
Portrait Image
Portrait Image
Portrait Image
Portrait Image

Taking portraits, whether they be candid or in studio, is a gentle process. It commands patience and trust between photographer and subject.

While teaching, my camera was often out and recording important moments before and during our shows. I learned a lot about portrait work from these amazing students who were both confident and vulnerable. It was essential to have a solid and respectful relationship before the camera was raised.

Fast forward to now, those experiences plus the fun of lighting are what I lean on in the studio and on location. The comfort of an individual is immediately evident or not in post-processing. The essence and story of each person is what I look for and hope to capture.

To book a session in studio or on location, click below and we will begin our journey.