Taking Photos

January 27, 2022

I remember that euphoric feeling when I took photographs with my first camera. 

I was probably 8 or 9 years-old when I got it as a gift. It was a Kodak and built for the abuse of a kid. It wasn't a great camera and leaked light in the bottom corner so that each set of photos I got back from the drug store were a little disappointing. 

But, this didn't seem to matter to me. Even then, I had an incredible sense of power, mixed with responsibility and I wanted more. Nothing beat the feeling of opening that package of photos for the first time, usually right there on the curb in the parking lot.

I continued to take shots of everything I could - family, friends, events and landscapes. It was expensive, even back then, to have a roll developed and printed. The moments felt important and the process was involved. You never knew, especially at that age, if the shots were going to be exactly what you had hoped for.  

Many of the photos I've tossed - but there are a number that are now integral to my growth and will live with me to the end. I have a few favourites that mean nothing to anyone else but are the world to me. They tell a story of my life. 

SInce those early, heady days, I have left and returned to photography so many times that I couldn't even try to count. I am an artist who has never settled on a single medium but have always loved capturing a moment, whether in words, action, light or photography. I have spent time doing creative and academic writing, performing and directing in theatre, working in lighting design, and teaching. But now, I am taking what I know and looking to achieve a balance between the elements of fine art photography and the process of attaining an outstanding image. 

With Gratitude