Summer Snowflakes

Walking in the woods up north, my heart soars when I see tall grasses and wildflowers swaying in the breeze. The sound is like music to me, and I am constantly pulled towards its tune. On drives, I have been known to pull the car onto the shoulder and pull out the camera just to capture a moment that sounds and feels so free. And, if you add sunlight to that combination, my knees go weak.

So, I think when I started this project, I was interested in capturing both the dynamic colours of high summer green and creamy lace and somehow get a sense of movement. So, I waited for a day with bright sun and a light breeze. I hoped to closely capture the Queen Anne’s Lace in different stages of bloom and perhaps even get a sequence that would reveal this.

By waiting for a bright day, I was rewarded with a full range of colours from background to foreground but more surprisingly I was also given some complementary colours that I didn’t expect. The browns, yellows and pinks that popped through the lens made the palette even more exciting.

I ended up taking a good number of photos and was able to weed out the photos that lacked strong compositional elements, in post-processing. Growing up as a film photographer, I still find it difficult to allow myself this freedom of 'keep or toss'.

I didn’t use a macro lens for these as I felt that the breeze would make it hard to keep as much in focus as possible. However, as I manipulated the focal length in some of these shots, I thought later that perhaps it didn’t really matter after all. Overall, the 24-70mm lens produced some lovely, warm nuances and I was pleased with the final results. 

Summer Snowflakes Summer Snowflakes 8 Summer Snowflakes 6 Summer Snowflakes 7 Summer Snowflakes 9 Summer Snowflakes 4 Summer Snowflakes 5 Summer Snowflakes 1 Summer Snowflakes 2 Summer Snowflakes 3